Thursday, January 15, 2009

Business Model - Franchisee or Self owned

Just to give you an idea the business may require up to 20 hours day for the first few years and that can be demanding if you are a woman and will have to work hard at the fact that you need to tae care of the family as well as the kids.

People who start the work from home business get all the basic stuff right that they set up a separate office and then make sure that they follow a discipline otherwise the business will be a tough thing to grow and without that self confessed die hard attitude you will still struggling to make ends meet.

The best business is franchisee style business as it involves lesser costs though it still business for you and you will have to make huge efforts for it to succeed.
Success is a difficult to achieve.

Other businessed that are not from home but are good as franchise models are window cleaning service or starting a Freight Brokers business

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