Thursday, January 15, 2009

Business Model - Franchisee or Self owned

Just to give you an idea the business may require up to 20 hours day for the first few years and that can be demanding if you are a woman and will have to work hard at the fact that you need to tae care of the family as well as the kids.

People who start the work from home business get all the basic stuff right that they set up a separate office and then make sure that they follow a discipline otherwise the business will be a tough thing to grow and without that self confessed die hard attitude you will still struggling to make ends meet.

The best business is franchisee style business as it involves lesser costs though it still business for you and you will have to make huge efforts for it to succeed.
Success is a difficult to achieve.

Other businessed that are not from home but are good as franchise models are window cleaning service or starting a Freight Brokers business

Work at Home basics

Work at home is not that easy the only thing is that you cut out the expenses of the office and office staff. The other advantage that traveling time to the job but that traveling time has been replaced by the fact that you not only have the kids to take care of but the whole household.You can also give a try for the part time work from home jobs. That way you can get even more time for your kids and family and also you can enjoy your job as well with no pressures of the corporate life haunting you.

More and more people are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs but the fact is that becoming entrepreneurs is not easy and that said it is now the best thing that can be done as there are resources available to all of us to be an entrepreneur . In fact there are a lot of home based business out there nowadays that you can easily start

Small businesses get sufficient grants and loans from a lot of different folks as well as from the government but they do not offer proxy and it is you who will have to make sure that you get sufficient time for business.

Internet based home business is the best option as far as working from home is concerned.

Business is Uneding Time Sink ?

Almost any business that you open at home has to involve long work hours and may be about huge number of working hour and also sending your baby to day care.

Unimaginable that opening a business from home is so much effort yes because ultimately it is a business and that business requires ten different things to be taken care of like first of identifying the business,

then studying the competitors and then making sure that you have it in you to survive in the business without profits for a long period of time and also making sure that you have product differentiator.

It is these that will mean more and more time into your business.

Are Your Ready For Business ?

Ask yourself the question as to why do you want to work form really because you need to stay at home to take of your kids or you do not want to go to work. These are the simple questions that will beg an answer before you even think of opening a small business at home.

That said there have been so many businesses that can be done from home but the matter of the fact is that no business which you start form home can ever be said to be the one where you can just sit and enjoy the luxury of sipping tea and then say that you have enough income.

If you are a true entrepreneur then you will have to come up with your own working model and also have some good small Business plan up your sleeve.